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UPDATE 2021:

Hey dude,

Most of you dudes probably know a lot of shit changed for me in 2020. (As it did for all of us) This caused a huge slow down in content being pumped out by me. After getting over the depression, sorta, and getting my life organized again, I have 2 new ORIGINAL albums coming out in 2021.

I've been vlogging the whole process of making these albums by myself as well as putting out how-to's to help anyone who wants to put out music themselves as well.

You can also expect a cover every 3rd Wednesday of every month again. (if you have any requests, covers or how-to's, please leave a comment on any of my videos and I will gladly look into it.)

Thanks for all of your support and love on the YouTube channel and on Patreon!


Here Are Some Songs From

My New Album "Oldies Vol. 1":